Fiber Patch Panel from VisionTek Fiber Optic System

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Dimension ( L×W×H ):480mm×220mm×1U

1.  The shell is high intensified & insulated material, thus having excellent mechanic performance, It is solid and durable
2.  Fiber in put:4
3.  Adapters output:24
4.  Strength core and shell was Insulation, add with grounding lead
5.  Can be installed against wall
6.  Full accessories for convenient operations

1.  Excellent design
2.  Maximum cores 24
3.  Fiber lead 、grounding and perfect fixup 、 reliable
4.  Pigtail fixup reliable and perfect protection
5.  Apply to extensive field
6.  Convenient operations and maintenance

1.  Environment temperature:-25℃~+45℃
2.  Relative humidity:≤85%(30℃)
3.  Atmosphere pressure:70~106KPa
4.  Insulated Resistance:≥2×10MΩ/500V(DC)
5.  Intensity≤15KV(DC)/1minno spark-over and no flying arc
6.  Fiber bending radium guaranteed more than 40mm:≥40mm

It is applicable for straight-through connection and diverged connection in aerial layout , duct and direct buried. It can protect fiber connectors.

VT-FPR2-24 Fiber Optic System Fiber Patch Panel