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Fiberjet Blown Fiber

VisionTek Netconnect division has been devoted to developing and producing the air blown fiber cable since 2009. So far, it has produced various air blown fiber cable types which are of good performance and compose a complete series of air blown products. Fiber Jet Blown Fiber is the important part of our solutions, and it is the most popular product of the indoor & outdoor optical fiber cables for generic cabling in North America, Europe & Middle East.

The  FiberJet Blown Fiber is the product that with small diameter, lightweight, highly flexibility and proper stiffness, and it can be blown into the micro duct of 5.0/3.5mm. The fiber are coated with a soft acrylate resin which provides excellent dimensional and thermal stability to cushion the fibers, in addition, the resin can be easily stripped in connecting the fiber. The outer sheath is a thermoplastic that is of low friction. The surface of the sheath is designed with special grooves, compared to the surface of the traditional optical fiber cable, it provides not only the high level of mechanical protection, but also the perfect blowing performance.

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