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Faster, safer and reliable fiber optics network

To meet the growing industry demand bandwidth is making more and more use of fiber optic network solutions. Ultra-high-speed services are the new norm for applications such as increased online connectivity for businesses, secure communication for federal networks, noise immunity for industrial environments, and streaming video and online gaming for home users.

One of the fastest growing applications is Fiber to the Home (FTTH) services, but there are many other network and service applications where FTTx is a strategic imperative. Fiber can be deployed directly to buildings (FTTB), desks (FTTD), nodes (FTTN), and many more, supporting the wide range of users who can benefit from high-speed secure connectivity.

The VisionTek blown fiber and micro ducting fiber optic solutions one of the first it's kind for air-blown fiber applications. The micro duct is compliant with riser (OFNR) and plenum (OFNP) flame rating. Besides, the cable features a broad operating temperature range and water-blocking, making it suitable for indoor/outdoor duct installations. The high-drag, low-friction jacketing system allows the cable to be jetted over long distances covering most enterprise campus applications. The micro cable is available in fiber counts from 2 through 72 fibers with all fiber types including SMF, OM2, OM3 and OM4 employing bend insensitive fiber technology. 

Covering the entire chain, from concept through to installation, the collaboration will help customers optimise the performance of their networks with the expertise in developing innovative solutions, experience in delivering all aspects of cabling and telecoms technology training.