Intelligent PatchPanel Management Unit

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Intelligent PatchPanel Management Unit

Main Description of The Product:
Intelligent management unit (IMU) is the exclusive active hardware in the system with the function of data acquisition for the intelligent patch panel and uploads it to server.


Technique Characteristics:

  • Data acquisition and upload
  • Provides up to 24 ePanel management interface
  • With 100 Mbps Ethernet interface, provide high-speed data upload
  • The front discreen with power indicator LED lamp and working status LED Link port provide short circuit protection function
  • Support Web-Sever SettingsThrough the Web-Server mode set IP address, building information, cabinet information in IDF, patch panel information
  • With a resolution of up to 256 * 64 dot matrix OLED displays through the front OLED display shows
  • With a rotating button by rotating button complete patch cord searching, checking the distribution frame port link state operation



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