HDPE Micro Duct & Tube Bundle

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HDPE Micro Duct and Tube Bundle

HDPE Micro Duct & Tube Bundle
There are 3 kinds tube bundle: DB tube bundle, DI tube bundle, TW tube bundle.
DB ( Direct Bury )

The outer sheath is rugged High Density Poly Ethylene HDPE providing excellent protection from the physical environment. An Aluminum layer is added to provide additional strength

● Silicone coated ducts
● Available Water Blocking tape
● ( Aluminum or Fabric) installed
● Two Layer of Sheath
● Available Tracer Wire, Ripcords installed

DI ( Direct Install )

The microducts are surrounded by a layer of moisture-barrier metallic or non-metallic tape and a flexible sheath of black HDPE. DI ducts can be installed in pre-existing pipes or sub-ducts.


TW ( Thick Wall )

Thick Walled Microduct is designed for direct burial. Its superior blowing characteristics and sufficient thickness of the sub duct Walls often results in no additional protective ducts required. Thick walled microducts can be branched off easily and the primary tube can be directly buried as a single microduct. All TW duct are silicone coated. Available Tracer Wire, Ripcords installed

HDPE Micro Duct & Tube Bundle Fiber Optic System Micro Duct