Patch Cord from VisionTek Copper System

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Main Description :

1. VisionTek patch cords are high-performance UTP components available in broad range of lengths and easy-to-trace colors. They are designed to meet or exceed all Cat.6/Cat.5e specifications, yet are fully backward compatible with lower systems.

2. 23/24 AWG conductors are securely mated with a patented shield RJ45 plug design to deliver superior electrical performance with excellent repeatability. The unique anti-snagging feature simplifies removal and replacement of patch cords. 

Patch and equipment cords

1. Cat.5e/Class D, Cat6/Class E requirements of ISO/IEC 11801
2. CENELEC EN50173-1 and TIA/EIA 568B
3. UL Listed


Narrow Boot/Strain Relief
1. Supports high density installations
2. Cord fits into narrow jack locations
3. Uniform appearance between the Cat.6 and Cat.5e patch cords

High Performance
1. Maintains channel performance
2. Strong component performance
3. Exceeds cordage requirements of TIA/EIA 568B and ISO/IEC 118801

Available in several standard colors and different standard lengths

UTP Cat.6 Patch cord Cap Molded Boot Green color Copper System Patch Cord